We cannot give what we don’t have.   The rest is upon an individual.

I used to operate a money-losing business. My customers loved my product, and this,
together with my high hopes, is what kept my business going. When my losses became insurmountable, I closed the company.

Most of us desire to be good-doers. We desire to create wealth and share
it with others. We often do want to give more than we can afford.

Editor’s Comment:

Wow!  That sounds very familiar.  Been there . . . done that.  And I’ve often thought of writing an article about the perils of passion in business.  And perhaps I shall someday, but I doubt that I could put it more powerfully than Pavel did, and I thank him on behalf of all of our readers. 

Anyone who has been through this experience knows that the cost is not just financial.  It’s emotional as well.  That’s the hardest part.  In business, we all have to find our limits, and those limits are different for each of us.  And sometimes, in the end, the person who is most successful is the one who has the thickest skin and the most direct route to profits.  If that sounds cynical to you, I invite you to tell us how to identify the fine line between passion and profitability. 

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