Kiva makes micro loans to people in emerging economies who want to take their businesses to the next level, but need a little cash to do so.  Sounds like a familiar problem, doesn’t it?  Typically, the loans total a few hundred dollars, but that amount is spread among several lenders, which means your contribution can be as little as $25.  And, when the loan is repaid, you can get your money back or support another business.  Get full details at    


This charity will helpyou get rid of your old computers.  It recycles parts from your old clunker to provide computer hardware, training and technical support to charities, no-profits and people with limited access to computers.  So, instead of sending your old computer to the growing mountain of trash we’re heaping on poor old Michigan, you can put it to good use.  And if you have a few old computers cluttering your basement, you can clear some space, help somebody and receive a tax receipt - for most items - at the same time.  Get full details at    

Tools For Development

If you have old tools lying around that are just gathering dust, CARE Canada’s Tools for Development  program may be able to take them off your hands and issue you a tax receipt for them.  If some of your old equipment could help an entrepreneur in an emerging country, please check out CARE’s website

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