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Out of the ashes

It’s been quite a month, complete with a computer crash, news that my computer’s motherboard was on life support, shopping for a new computer, migrating files and – are you ready for this? – realizing that my new computer has some sort of glitch that causes it to freeze every once in a while.  Welcome to Dante’s Inferno. 

Of course, BizNews, and a few other things have been delayed this month but we’re undaunted and moving forward on a number of fronts, starting with some changes to BizNews itself.  We want to change our format but, before we do that, we’d like to hear from you. 

Please tell us:

  • What you like best about BizNews
  • What you like least (or would like to see changed)
  • What you’d like us to add that would have value for your business

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Our other current major initiative is our full website, which should be available in early March.   And, of course, we'll look forward to your feedback on that.  Our thanks to web developer AMR Media for all their help and support in getting the site up and running.  They do fabulous work!

This edition of BizNews provides a tip for TV appearances and other presentations, a response to the comment last month about providing selfless service in business, an introduction to three business charities we’ve adopted and our usual Hot Links and Events features.  We hope you enjoy this edition and, as always, WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU!

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Relax and enjoy yourself!

I was on the set of a daytime TV talk show with a new client recently and the segment went well except for one thing.  (More)


BizNews Forum

We had a very poignant response to Nicola Windrem’s comment about businesses giving back to the community and her desire to help people.  Pavel Zeman of Whitby shared a comment that we, as small business people, may want to consider as we try to balance service and the bottom line (More)

Looking for a business charity? Check this out!

We’ve adopted three business charities that we’ll be promoting in BizNews and on our new website. All three relate directly to business and two of them help you turn old technology into tax receipts. (More)

Hot Links

A site that’s particularly valuable for start-ups is  It provides information from 43 government department on marketing, business planning, product development, e-business and much more.

If  you come across a Hot Link that you think would have value for other small business people, we’d love to hear from you.


Events Listings

Click here for a broad selection of business events.

If you know of a trade show venue, chamber of commerce or networking group that isn’t listed, please send us a link

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