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Workshops and Presentations

Whether you need a full-day or half-day workshop or just a 20-minute talk, we’ll be happy to meet your needs.  Simply choose from these vital topics, then contact us.

One-on-One Presentation Training

See yourself the way others see you, rather than the way you think they see you.  Get specific, practical suggestions for letting the real you add power to presentations.  This is not a “method”; it’s an opportunity to get in touch with the passion within you and to share it with others. 

Suitable for anyone who communicates with individuals or groups.


  • What your customer wants to hear from you
  • How to develop appropriate messages
  • How to present those messages effectively

Polish Your Pitch © Workshop

  • Shows how to develop self-confidence through public speaking
  • Has helped more than 100 business people to overcome their fear of presenting
  • How it works:
    • Your team members do short presentations
    • They receive constructive, but honest feedback
    • They repeat their presentations to apply what they’ve learned
    • They grow in a supportive, encouraging, but very honest environment
  • Help your team members get the help they need to present with power on the phone, in clients’ offices and in social settings.  
  • Multi-session programs available

Enroll your team members in a Polish Your Pitch workshop to help them develop the skills they need to tell their stories with confidence.


Communicate With Power! ©  Workshop

Communicate With Power! Provides all the tools you need to develop cold call scripts, prepare ads or simply introduce yourself and your business.

  • Teaches you how to use crisp, clear, concise Key Messages to state exactly what you want to say and how to aim those Key Messages directly at your customers’ specific needs.
  • Puts your Key Messages to work in realistic sales call situations
  • Helps you create a strong Power Message© to describes your products or services in strong, customer-focused phrases.

Communicate With Power! helps you to:

  • Open conversations
  • Introduce yourself and your company in social settings
  • Create an answering machine sales pitch
  • Make the most of formal presentation opportunities
  • Work a room effectively

Communicate With Power! is your opportunity to clear the clutter and reach your customers quickly and effectively. Enroll in a Communicate With Power! workshop to see how easy it can be to tell the world about your business!

Make Media Headlines! © Workshop

Provides insights and tools to help you reach the media

  • Shows the power of the press
  • Helps you use that power to promote yourself and your business
  • Teaches how to:
    • Decide if you have a story
    • Choose which media to target
    • Pitch your angle effectively
    • Write and format a news release
    • Approach the media
    • Handle yourself in a media interview

See how easy and valuable it can be to let the media promote your business!

Network for Success! © Workshop

Network for Success! introduces the tremendous power of networking and provides the skills you need to attend networking events with confidence.

You’ll learn:

  • What networking is
  • Why it provides value
  • How to use your current network to build business
  • How to develop a 30-Second Infomercial
  • How to work a room
  • Where to stand for maximum impact
  • Where to sit for maximum value

Enroll in a Network For Success! workshop to see how easily you can align yourself with other successful business people.

Write The Way You Talk!© Workshop

Write the Way You Talk! provides practical tools and tips to help you write powerful copy for business letters, web sites, flyers, brochures, newsletters and all your business writing tasks.


  • How to deal with the hardest part of writing
  • How to turn ordinary copy into crisp, clear phrases
  • How to make your ideas flow logically, in your natural speaking voice
  • The importance of relaxation and focus
  • Where the best writing comes from
  • The importance of research
  • The power of editing.

Learn how to organize your thoughts on paper and present them clearly, confidently and powerfully. Discover the writer within!

Key Note Presentations

Thomas Moss will write and deliver a key note message for your group. Simply provide an outline of your requirements and he will prepare a presentation to meet your needs.

Thomas Moss moves audiences as he reaches out to connect, to inform, entertain and make people stop and think about what’s really important.


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